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Brake Tester Repair & Calibration

Here is a complete list of the makes and models we are qualified and capable to repair, calibrate and maintain.



Altus RT2004.
Bradbury 1040, 1070, 1040ATL and 1070ATL.
Boston D400, D401, D402, D403, D412, D700, D701, D702, D712.
Motorcycle Brake Tester Rider R100, R100A, R102 & R103.
Cascos MOT KIT 2010.
Crypton EJ 19.
H&H HH500A/3
Kendon Automotive 845 & 875.
Kismet / Laycock 1300.
MAHA IW2Profi-4, IW2 Euroscreen & IW2WBMOT.
SPX T5410, T5710, T5420,T5420A, T5720, T5720A, T5440,
T5440A, T5740 AND T5740A.
Tecalemit DE7182,DE7184, DE7200, DE8232,
DE9415, DE9715 and DE9015MC.

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